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Providing urgent care to over six million people. We’re not profit driven, we make a positive difference – for everyone.

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Julie Shameem Catherine Dale Mark

Quality, Safety and Governance Recruitment & Onboarding Coordinator NHS 111 Clinical Advisor Digital Technology NHS 111 Contact Centre Team Leader

“I’m currently on a Management Development course and have just started the Quality Champion Programme, so there’s plenty of development personally and professionally. It’s always busy but the colleagues I work with are fantastic and help pull you through when things are tough.”

“IC24 is one of those organisations who truly put people at the heart of what they do, whether that be patients or colleagues. I am part of the team of who help to recruit brand new Health Advisors. I love being an ambassador for our organisation where my ideas are listened to and we get to make a real difference to people’s lives."

“I’ve worked for IC24 for the last 5 years and I value my supportive colleagues. Telephone triage is interesting and varied, a challenge at times but a worthwhile service."

“My role gives me the opportunity to be constantly working on innovative technologies, whether that be designing a user interface or coding a back-end solution for a partner organisation."

“It’s a tough job, no matter what role you’re in, but everyone works extremely well together which helps. It’s like working with friends, not just colleagues."

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