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About the Department


We give strong business advice to our colleagues who deliver excellent urgent care to our patients. We’ve recently invested in a new finance and ledger system to support our localities to become more self-sufficient, improving the value of the organisation in everything we do.

Why Join Us?

Become an expert

Become an expert

You’ll have the opportunity to use your full range of finance knowledge and experience across a range of financial and procurement areas.

NHS Pension Scheme

NHS Pension Scheme

There’s the opportunity to join the NHS Pension Scheme.

Training and development

Training and development

There’s training and development opportunities appropriate to your role.

Our Sub-Divisions

Financial Accounting

The team is responsible for the production of Statutory Accounts including liaising with auditors, maintenance of financial ledgers, administration of Financial Controls, and provision of all regulatory financial information.


The team are responsible for processing and paying payroll based on information provided by employees and managers. They calculate all tax and pension deductions and provide data to external bodies including HMRC, NHS Pensions and the Office of National Statistics.

Purchase Ledger

The team are responsible for ensuring the organisation pays the invoices we receive from our suppliers for goods and services promptly and accurately. They’re integral to the organisation as they ensure we only pay for the services we’ve received.

Sales Ledger

This role ensures all our customers are billed for the work we do for them and we receive timely payments.

Management Accounting

This team consists of Finance business partners who work with our managers helping them understand and manage their financial position. This helps the company ensure we meet our budget and understand our financial commitments. They provide business acumen and advice to operational teams.


This function supports the organisation from planning the purchase of goods and services, through to payment for these products. They offer advice on deciding the most appropriate product, and negotiate with suppliers.

Our People

Contribution matters


Finance Business Partner

"We’re all committed to what we do and the services we provide. From the senior management team to the front line services everyone’s contribution matters."

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