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What it’s like here

The day-to-day

Whether you’re a receptionist, or work in IT, you’re directly helping people every single day. We’re at the forefront of change – leading the way for the NHS’s long term plan. These are services that will affect you, your family and friends. It’s time to be brave, be bold and make a difference.

The ic24 Way

Socially Driven

Through our idea-driven, agile approach, we continuously improve and evolve. We’re committed to finding the best, most innovative solutions for our patients. Working closely alongside a diverse group of supportive colleagues makes any task possible.

Being a social enterprise is core to us. Providing excellence in care through our innovative approach is what we stand for. Through re-investing our surplus, we’re continuously innovating and strengthening our services, creating a strong foundation for our communities.

Thinking creatively, acting with determination, and being brave in the face of everyday challenges. That’s how we learn, grow, and be the best we can be.


Your opinion matters


Quality Manager

“Your opinion matters to the organisation and we strive to progress our staff wherever possible. The organisation strives to be the best in its field for everyone."